Dodge County’s June Unemployment Rate Ticks Up Since May

(Dodge County) Jobless claims in the region saw a slight uptick in the month of June. The state Department of Workforce Development say the unemployment rate in Dodge County was 3-percent in the sixth month of 2022, up six-tenths of a percent from May.

Last year, the figure was 3.7-percent. Dodge County jumped up five spots in the statewide unemployment ranking to 11th.

Fond du Lac County saw their jobless numbers go from 2.4-percent in May to 3.1-percent in June. In 2021, the figure was 3.9-percent.

Columbia County saw the exact same month-to-month change in their unemployment rate as Fond du Lac County. A year ago, the county had a rate of 3.9-percent.

Jefferson County went from an unemployment rate of 2.5-percent in May to 3.2-percent in June. Their numbers in 2021 were 3.9-percent.

State jobless numbers in June were 2.9-percent, a tenth of a percent off from the record low.