Dodge County UW Extension Offering Farm Land Rental Rates

(Dodge County) Dodge County livestock and dairy youth intern, Connor Schultz visited Community Comment recently to talk about the day to day responsibilities of an intern with the Dodge County UW Extension.  One of the first projects Schultz worked on this year involved land rental rate surveys. The surveys went out to different farmers and land owners throughout Dodge and Fond Du Lac counties. Schultz says the information collected allowed the Extension to assemble data on lot sizes, rental rates paid, and crop yield produced.  Schultz says he computed the data and put together a form – that is on the extension website or can be picked up in the office – which breaks down each county into different areas.  Form the form, those interested can learn the average yield, the cost-per-yield, and average rental rates. Schultz believes that the report created from the data can be helpful to individuals who have recently come into land, farmers and land owners who have unused farm land, and for people looking to rent available land in the Dodge County and Fond Du Lac county-area. He says it is designed to be a starting point for land owners and renters to negotiate and, although it is understood that there are other factors that go into it, this is a great initial starting point. The last land rental rate survey done in the region was in 2014 but Schultz says that the Extension Office may be able to update the report on a more regular basis, something he hopes future interns will be able to carry on.  Those seeking more information can reach out to the Dodge County UW Extension office online at or by phone at 920-386-3790.