Dodge County Unemployment Fell Nearly One-Percent From March To April

(Dodge County) Unemployment rates improved in the area last month. According to the Federal labor statistics, most counties saw their unemployment rates improve from a half-percent to more than one-and-a-half-percent from the end of March to the end of April. Dodge County’s jobless rate fell to 3.5-percent in April, down from 4.3-percent from the month before. Last April, when the pandemic gripped the region, unemployment rates in the county reach over 11-percent. The jobless rate in Fond du Lac County fell to 3.4-percent from 4.1-percent, in Washington County to 3.4-percent from 4-percent, in Jefferson County to 3.7-percent from 4.4-percent, in Columbia County 3.7-percent from 4.6-percent, and in Green Lake County 4.4-percent from 5.8-percent.