Dodge County Tree And Shrub Sale Open Through January 31

(Juneau) There is just a few days left to purchase trees and shrubs thru the Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department’s annual tree and shrub sale. Several species of trees and shrubs are available for sale including: White Oak, Red Oak, Sugar Maple, Colorado Blue Spruce, White Cedar, River Burch, Elderberry, American Plum, Serviceberry, and Hazelnut.

John Bohonek is with the Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department says “we have been doing this since 2003. We sold over 350-thousand trees since we started.” Orders for trees and shrubs are being taken until January 31st. There are a limited number of trees and shrubs available. To order call 386-3660, or visit the Land and Water Department’s page.

Click HERE to visit the site.