Dodge County To Study Declining EMS Workforce

(Juneau) Dodge County is looking at hiring a third-party firm to conduct an external analysis of the region’s emergency medical services. Members of the Dodge County Steering Committee on Emergency Services requested support for the study during the county’s Executive Committee meeting Tuesday. The group is made up of stakeholders representing emergency medical service agencies, local hospitals and townships.

Committee Member John Breuer, who also serves as the Allenton fire chief, says they have been working to identify solutions to significant concerns about the sustainability of EMS services in Dodge County. One major concern the committee highlighted was a lack of younger people joining their ranks which is an issue that is magnified by an aging workforce. Breuer says county support is key moving forward. He says the county’s previous experience along with their expertise on the matter will help in determining future objectives.

Executive Committee Member Dave Frohling made a motion to have the county take the lead on the project. He says the biggest question remaining is how to pay for the study. Talks suggested that each agency could fund a certain amount with the county contributing as well. Breuer says the analysis could cost as low as $10,000 to as much as $25,000. The Executive Committee unanimously approved Frohling’s motion to begin work on requests for proposals as well as searching out grant opportunities.