Dodge County Supervisors Approve Raise In Meeting Per Diem

(Juneau) County supervisors will be getting paid more for the time they spend in meetings. The per diem rate was $50 for county board members and $55 for the committee chairperson per meeting. The county board Tuesday voted to increase that rate to $60 and $65 dollars respectively.

Supervisor Mary Bobholz said she could not support the resolution, noting that there are county employees who have not gotten a raise for years.

Supervisor Dennis Schmidt says the length of meetings has gone up and the compensation rate should reflect that. He says it can also serve as a way to help engage county board members or draw younger individuals to participate.

Bobholz, along with Supervisors Russ Kottke, Larry Bischoff, Jeff Caine, David Frohling and MaryAnn Miller voted against the resolution. The per diem increase will go into effect in April.