Dodge County Supervisor Wants To See Finance Director Position Filled

(Juneau) A Dodge County supervisor wants to see a key departmental opening filled. The finance director position has been vacant since March after David Ehlinger resigned. He cited long commutes as his reason for leaving and took a job closer to home as finance director for the city of Stoughton.

During a recent budget hearing, Board Member David Guckenberger says he plans to forward an amendment to address recruitment challenges the county has faced in finding interested and qualified applicants.

“What I intend to do is propose a $15,000 increase to the finance budget,” says Guckenberger. “I’m not sure where the source of the funds will be at this point but it may be a tap into the General Fund…and it’s my intent to pay for [a] recruiting bonus for a new finance director.”

Guckenberger says the county is in (quote) “dire need” of somebody to run the finance department.

“We’d paid a professional firm to try to recruit [a finance director] …and at present we pay a $6,000 recruiting bonus at Clearview…we’ve paid a $6,000 recruiting bonus at the jail,” says Guckenberger. “And perhaps we need to do something to try to get a person or a body in here cause we sorely need it.”

If the amendment is approved, Guckenberger says it is his hope that the finance committee will use the $15-thousand-dollars to put together a plan to fill the position.

All budget amendments are voted on when the county board meets to approve the final document. That will take place next Tuesday.