Dodge County Snowplow Map Details Routes, Schedule

12/24/17 – Dodge County Emergency Management has released a map of the county that details when snowplows are out on certain roads. National Weather Service Meteorologist-In-Charge Ben Schott of the Milwaukee-Sullivan office met with local emergency responders and other stakeholders in Juneau earlier this month as part of annual outreach efforts. Highway Commissioner Brian Field was brought into the conversation to explain his departments protocol for clearing snow from local roads and the difference between certain classifications of roads. At the time, it was learned that there was no comprehensive map available to the public that explained the hours that snowplows clear class one, class two and county roads. Class One roads are plowed anytime, day-or-night, receiving 24-hour service. That includes Highway 151, Interstate 41, Highway 33 from Beaver Dam east to the county line; Highway 60 from Highway 67 to Hartford; and Highway 26 from Highway 60 to Watertown. Class Two roads are serviced between 4am and 10pm. That includes all of highways 28, 49, 67, 68 and 175 along with Highway 33 from Highway 73 to Beaver Dam; Highway 73 from Highway 33 to Columbus; Highway 16/60 from Columbus to Highway 67 and Highway 26 from Highway 60 to Waupun. There are also 540 miles of county roads with typical service from 4am to 6pm. Field says a standing rule for highway department employees is 16 hours on-the-clock followed by six hours off.  The map can be viewed at