Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Warns Motorists Of Increased Deer Activity

(Dodge County) As the weather turns colder and food sources grow more scarce, Authorities are reminding motorists to be on the lookout for deer wandering onto roads.  Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his office has already responded to 210 deer related crashes so far in 2021, a little less than half the number seen in 2020.  Schmidt adds that while we cannot control when or where deer will enter the roadway, we can be more diligent in how we drive.  First, where there is one deer, there likely will be more.  In addition, motorists should avoid swerving to miss a deer.  This puts you in risk of entering the opposite lane of traffic and striking another vehicle, or entering the shoulder and risking losing control.  Your best course of action, Schmidt says, is to simply apply the brakes quickly and stay in your lane.  Finally, deer tend to be more active at dawn, dusk, and in the nighttime hours, and the Sheriff advises scanning the ditches and roadsides more diligently at these times.  If a crash does occur, you should feel free to call 911 to report it, especially if there are injuries or a road blockage is created.  Otherwise, you can call the Sheriff Office’s non-emergency line.  If there are no injuries at all, and less than $1000 in damages to your care it is considered a non-reportable crash, and no law enforcement report in needed.