Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Stress Insuring Vehicles

(Juneau) Dodge County residents are being reminded of the importance of insuring their vehicle. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s ‘law of the month’ for May. According to Sheriff’s Captain Chad Enright, the statute states no person may operate a motor vehicle on a highway in the state of Wisconsin unless the owner or operator of the vehicle has a liability policy. The operator must also have immediate proof of possession and be able to provide that proof upon request from a traffic officer. Enright says that drivers often tell deputies that they have insurance but that they do not have proof or that their card has expired. Penalties for violating this statute include a $200 fine but often time’s deputies will issue a 10 day warning with the hope that the driver will use the fine money to apply for insurance. If they do not, a citation is mailed to them. If a driver has insurance but cannot provide proof or if it is expired they will receive a $10 citation. Enright says that just because a person may be a good driver does not mean they do not need insurance. He adds that it is impossible to predict what other drivers may do or when an animal will jump out in front of your car.