Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Spillman Software To Pinpoint Criminal Hotspots

Editors note: This story is part two of a three-part series on the December implementation of the new Spillman records management system

11/25/17 – The Dodge County Sheriff says the new countywide records management system will help target crime-related hotspots. Spillman will link 17 local municipal law enforcement agencies across the county and allow for easier data sharing than the problematic New World it is replacing. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a feature called “pin-mapping” will aid officers in tracking down criminals. He says it will give officers the ability to look at any crime-related call and pull it up on a map through Spillman. Over time, law enforcement will be able to track where every robbery, burglary, or theft took place in the county and pin-point exactly where hotspot areas are located. Schmidt says this will allow law enforcement to be more directed in their patrols and be able to create a more wide-ranging criminal profile. He says officers can more easily locate related information to potential suspects through a process called “involvement” which pulls up a bubble map and displays any connected data. Schmidt told us this month on WBEV’s Community Comment that the file-sharing relationship between police departments will populate the pin-mapping database. He says if similar reports are made through Spillman it will be easier for agencies to communicate those similarities. The sheriff notes that privacy rights will not be affected and that all the information will be gathered through internal reporting. Schmidt says Spillman will aid in his departments mission to focus on a more pro-active approach to law enforcement. Spillman is set to go live December 11.