Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Officers During National Police Week

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is recognizing the challenges overcome by police officers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week is National Police Week where the law enforcement community is honored for their commitment to safety and protecting the public. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says officers have remained calm, conducted themselves in the most professional way possible and have done a fantastic job. He says while they have prepared for the worst, they continue to evaluate the situation and maintain normal level of service to the public. During the health crises, police have been outfitted with standard personal protective equipment including gloves, facemasks and Tyvek suits. The sheriff’s office has also worked with the county emergency management department to gather additional PPE items including facemasks and safety glasses. Schmidt says they take into consideration the type of call they are responding to and make a decision on what PPE is required for each situation. He says that deputies are committed to continuing selfless service to the community regardless of the media reports and scary information that sometimes is shared on social media. The sheriff adds that they do not ignore facts rather are prepared for emergencies and will continue to enforce traffic violations, investigate crimes and protect the public 24/7. Schmidt says this year has been a true reminder of the kind of sacrifice deputies make in order to help keep the community safe. He says he is proud of the way they handled these current events and is confident they will continue to protect Dodge County regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.