Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Operational Analysis Underway

(Juneau) The president of a California firm conducting an operational analysis of the sheriff’s office presented a project overview to the Dodge County’s Executive Committee Thursday. In December the county board hired Matrix Consulting Group to review a number of different areas including an evaluation of budgeting and financial procedures. The study is looking at staffing levels; evaluate service contracts such as food, medical and US Marshal Holds; and develop best practice policies.

President Richard Brady says a team of five, including himself, is carrying out the review. He says work is already underway and that close to 70 people have been interviewed already within the sheriff’s office. Brady says they have also interviewed Sheriff Dale Schmidt and top management as well as the county administrator and department heads.

The team will also seek input from county stakeholders and will collect in-depth data of workloads and service levels. Brady says the process will also include an anonymous employee survey which will be issued within the next week or two.

The review is slated to take around 20 weeks and should be completed around the end of June. At that time, a final report will be developed with the goal of presenting it to the county board this August.