Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Looking To Clear Excess Brush From Lomira Wayside

(Lomira) The removal of overgrown brush and trees at the northbound Interstate 41 wayside near Lomira is expected to reduce criminal activity there. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the rest stop is in a secluded area and is difficult to see with all the trees and brush. He says Sheriff’s Sergeant Joseph Nicholas suggested trimming many of the overgrown shrubbery and green spaces to make the area easier to see for law enforcement and harder for criminals to hide. Schmidt says he forwarded Nichols’ idea to Dodge County Highway Department Commissioner Brian Field who in turn sent it to the state Department of Transportation and all three entities are working on the project. He says he calls this initiative (quote) “crime prevention through environmental design.” There have been several notable criminal incidents at the Lomira wayside including a December shooting and a truck driver that was assaulted and robbed.