Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Lomira Police Team Up For Interdiction

(Lomira) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and the Lomira Police Department have teamed up to conduct multiple interdiction efforts throughout the village and along Interstate 41. The initiative serves two-purposes, to make police presence known in an effort to deter criminal activity such as illicit drugs and weapons violations and to monitor gang activity. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the Outlaw’s motorcycle gang has opened a clubhouse in Lomira and is concerned with the potential criminal activity that is connected with their presence including drug use, weapons and violent behavior. Schmidt notes that his office is not implying that the individuals associated with this particular clubhouse are a part of that activity. On February 16, sheriff’s deputies and Lomira police conducted their enforcement effort from 9pm until 3am which included 23 traffic stops that resulted in various drug arrests and numerous traffic violations. Schmidt reiterates that the violations observed were not all from people attending the Outlaw clubhouse. A second interdiction was conducted last night and Schmidt says future efforts will continue as needed to ensure the safety of citizens. He says it is his sincere hope that the Outlaws are here only to have a good time in a legal way and that if they respect the law they will have no issues with law enforcement.