Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Law of the Month

(Dodge County) With spring just around the corner and the temperatures outside fluctuating day to day, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists of the importance of checking your tires on a daily basis.  Checking the air pressure in your tires will be essential during the spring months when it can be cold one day and warm the next.  These weather shifts can cause the air pressure in your tires to fluctuate from low on the cold days to high on the warm days.  Adjusting your tire pressure accordingly can help with gas mileage and also save on tire wear.

Officials say now is also the perfect time to check the treads on your tires, as winter melt combined with spring rains can lead to extra wetness on the roadways and potentially slick conditions.

With having the correct tire pressure and tread, not only will you make the roads of Dodge County safer, but the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says you will also reduce the risk of being stranded and increase your chances of avoiding an accident.