Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Law Of The Month

(Dodge County) As students across the state are returning to school, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists to pay extra attention while navigating the roadways.  Dodge County Sheriff, Dale Schmidt says there are two laws that are very important to keep in mind this time of year.  The first pertains to school busses and says Drivers are required to stop at least 20 feet from a bus that is stopped and using their red flashing warning lights.  This law applies to vehicles coming from either direction.  The only exception to this law is if the roadway is separated from a median or other physical barrier.  Schmidt says bus drivers are authorized to report violators to law enforcement.  A citation for failing to stop for a school bus is $326 and 4 demerit points.


The second law applies to pedestrian traffic and the owner’s liability for their vehicle illegally crossing a controlled school crossing.  This means that drivers must yield for pedestrians that are legally crossing the roadway and adhere to the instructions of posted crossing guards.  Crossing Guards have the authority to report violations of this law to law enforcement with citations ranging from $175 to $326.


With all the distractions drivers can face, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is urging motorists to pay attention to school busses, pedestrians, crossing guards, and your surroundings, and wishes everyone a fun and safe school year.