Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Suspected Burglary Attempt In Ashippun

(Ashippun) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspected attempted burglary in the Town of Ashippun. The two suspects involved operate a white Chevy truck, possibly a Silverado with blue decals on the doors and toolboxes on the back. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says one of them knocks on the door and identifies himself as working for a local power company. Schmidt says it appears that the suspect gets the homeowner to walk the property line away from the home. While the homeowner is distracted, the second suspect enters the home and steals items. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating three burglaries from the Towns of Jefferson, Concord, and Ixonia. Schmidt says the suspects are described as being in their thirty’s, five-nine to six-feet-tall with dark hair and acne scars on their face. One suspect may speak with a Spanish accent. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is requesting that citizens report anyone coming to their residence with a similar approach and story. Schmidt says if someone comes to your door claiming to represent any company, require them to provide a photo identification card, especially if they did not provide you with prior notice from the company. He says it is important to lock all doors when you are gone. This includes your garages, side entrances and vehicle doors. Schmidt says if you think you have any information at all, including video from doorbell or security cameras please contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office at 920-386-3726.