Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Implementing Shift Briefings

(Juneau) Improved information sharing for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will be an area of focus in 2018. Sheriff Dale Schmidt highlighted the objective as an annual performance goal that works as a guideline for his staff and provides the public knowledge into what the department is addressing. He says there have been issues with information sharing between deputies and supervisors during shift changes. He says the sheriff’s office has not had a shift briefing or a time set aside for deputies to talk with supervisors about what has happened over a 24-hour period for a long time. Schmidt says his staff will be utilizing mobile data computers to develop an option to preform shift briefings. He says Sheriff’s Captain Chad Enright has been working closely on the implantation of the shift briefings during a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment. Enright says they are able to use software technology that allows deputies who are nowhere near the sheriff’s office in Juneau to login in remotely to the shift sergeant in order to conduct a rollcall. He says this will allow those on duty to give assignments and locate areas of focus for the crash reduction effort. Enright says the launch of a new county-wide records management system called Spillman has helped with their information sharing. He says the new program has been beneficial in sharing data, contacts and reports with other agencies across Dodge County. Schmidt says detectives and administration staff will also take part of the new info sharing system which will provide a better channel for communication.