Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Encouraging Safe Boating Practices During Lake Days

(Beaver Dam) With the upcoming Beaver Dam Lake Days celebration the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind boaters of some important tips when out on the water and enjoying the festivities. Recreation Deputy Jason Roy says patrolling Lake Days can be quite a challenge. He says last year there were nearly 300 vessels on the water and the single biggest violation he encountered was boats without their lights on. Roy says the rules are pretty simple, if your boat is in motion you must have your navigation lights on. If your boat is anchored, you can turn your navigation lights off but your anchor light must be on.


Navigation lights include a green light displayed to the right of the boat, a red light to the left, and a white light on the rear of the boat viewable from any angle.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Roy also talked about another safety hazard seen this time of the year on area lakes, namely, fireworks. He says boats contain fuel, people and kids, all it takes is one firework landing in the boat to cause a serious issue.  Roy says no matter how you look at it fireworks and boats do not mix.


The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to have a safe and fun time when out on the water this summer.