Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Encourages Sound Judgement Around Fake Guns

(Dodge County) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging the public to use sound judgement when using toy or fake funs or BB guns in view of the public.  They want to remind you that many toy guns or BB guns on the market are very difficult to differentiate from real guns.  Whether they are airsoft guns that shoot small toy pellets, BB guns for target shooting or completely fake toy guns, most look very realistic and in the wrong circumstance can cause significant disruption to the peace and tranquility of everyday life or even create a high-risk situation. Toy guns are generally required to have an orange tip to make them more easily identifiable as a toy.  This however, can be easy to miss from a distance, in low light situations or when covered up or cut off.  It is for these reasons that the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone who intends to use toy or BB guns in view of the public to think through how others may view what they are doing and consider the potential risks associated with their activity prior to engaging in such behavior.  They also ask parents to monitor their children’s activity with these objects to ensure they are not putting themselves at risk or creating a risky situation in their neighborhood.  Those seeking more information can reach out to the Dodge County Sheriff’s office.