Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Encourages Safe Practices At County Fair

(Juneau) With the Dodge County Fair is full swing, the Sheriff’s Office is taking the time to remind parents of child safety practices at community events. Chief Deputy Scott Mittelstadt says if the worst comes to pass and a child does go missing, the most important thing a parent or guardian can do is provide law enforcement with an adequate description. This includes giving their name, age, the clothes they are wearing and a physical depiction of the child. Mittelstadt says the easiest way to accomplish this is by visiting the sheriff’s office booth at the fair to obtain a free Child ID card. The cards are small enough to be stored inside a wallet or pocket and can be quickly presented to first responders. Mittelstadt says instead of gathering information, the card saves valuable time that can be used to search for a missing child. Other suggestions include taking a family photo together or installing a locator app if the child owns a smartphone. Mittelstadt says to set a pre-determined meeting point in case a parent does get separated from their child. He also urges parents to not wait to report their child missing and says that law enforcement needs every second possible to have the best chance at a safe recovery. If a loved one has dementia or a condition that can cause them to wander, the sheriff’s office encourages citizens to contact Project Lifesaver. The tool works through a wristwatch-sized device that transmits a radio signal which is trackable using a receiver operated by law enforcement or other first responders.