Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Encourages Safe Firework Practices

(Dodge County) With the 4th of July holiday just around the corner; the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is urging those who insist on using fireworks to do so safely.  Captain Chad Enright spoke on Community Comment about the legality of using fireworks to celebrate the holiday. Enright says it is illegal to light off fireworks that explode. Although many firework stands sell you these types of fireworks with a piece of paper saying you can own them, but that paper does not give you the right to set them off.


As a safety reminder the sheriff’s office wants to remind everyone that alcohol and fireworks do not mix. They also recommend that people closely follow the instructions when lighting off fireworks, using caution to ensure they are not aimed at people or buildings while maintaining a safe distance once lit. Enright reminds people that the laws are on the books because people do get significantly injured, often with the injured being kids. He says do not trust that because you have a piece of paper that you are legally able to utilize fireworks, adding that citations will still be given and that those citations are not cheap.


Those with questions about which fireworks are legal in their area are advised to reach out to the sheriff’s department.  Enright says the sheriff’s office wants everyone to have a safe holiday celebration.