Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Discusses Human Trafficking On WBEV

(Juneau) Officials with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office say human trafficking awareness will go a long will in combating the issue. Christopher Childs of Hartford was recently indicted for sex-trafficking at multiple strip clubs in the Dodge County area.

Captain Chad Enright says he had several run-ins with employees who worked at the implicated strip clubs and always had a feeling something was off. He says looking back now with all the information that has come to light, it shows how prevalent this issue is at such establishments. Enright says without willing victims coming forward to share their stories, it is difficult to pursue criminal charges against anyone.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Enright told us that local municipalities need to enact laws that would allow them to hold these establishments accountable and prevent human trafficking. He says these types of businesses look for rural areas where there is no significant police presence. A demerit point ordinance would allow municipalities to revoke the liquor license of establishments that fail to follow the law.

Enright says if someone needs help to call the police discretely or in a private location. He says law enforcement will do everything they can to protect individuals who come forward as victims of sex trafficking.