Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Address Tailgating With ‘Law of the Month’

(Juneau) Dodge County residents are being reminded of the proper distance motorists should be driving behind other vehicles. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s ‘law of the month’ for April. According to Sheriff’s Captain Chad Enright, the statute states that the operator of a motor vehicle cannot follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, bearing in mind speed, surrounding traffic and the conditions of the roadway. Enright says a good guideline to follow is to stay a car length back for every 10-miles-per-hour. Meaning if a vehicle is driving at 55-miles-per-hour a driver should stay six car lengths back, it would be seven car lengths at 65-miles-per-hour. Enright says tailgating happens far too often and that is when law enforcement gets involved. Violation of this statute means a $200 fine and three points towards the offender’s driving record.