Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Ask Snowmobilers To Operate Safely

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to sled safely and smart as snowmobile deaths are on the rise. Officials with the agency say snowmobile safety should be top priority while on your sled.

They add that the Department of Natural Resources has seen too many fatalities already this year. So far, there have been nine snowmobile related deaths in 2023. Local authorities and DNR conservation wardens will be amping up patrol efforts to make sure the public is staying safe.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office remind operators that it is never okay to drink and drive a snowmobile, adding that impairment of any kind – whether it be drugs or alcohol – can have tragic consequences. Last winter, alcohol was involved in 70-percent of the 23 snowmobiling fatalities.

Authorities also ask to always operate within the limits of your skill, visibility, and snowmobile. They recommend looking both ways before crossing a road and to obey stop signs.

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