Dodge County Sheriff’s Law Of The Month

7/27/17 – Dodge County motorists are reminded to stop their vehicle at yellow lights prior to entering the intersection. The state statute is being highlighted by Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt as his July ‘Law of the Month.’ Many crashes at intersections are caused when drivers violate the signal because they were travelling above the speed limit, not paying attention, or trying to beat a yellow light. When it comes to red lights, Schmidt says there is a unique exception to the rule. Schmidt says after 45 seconds of being stopped at an intersection, motorcyclists can pass through the red light. He says motorcycles are often not heavy enough to trip the sensors that change the light. On a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt suggested individuals using a wrist watch to make sure they are full seconds. Schmidt says it is important to remember that anyone attempting to drive through a red light must yield to other traffic or pedestrians that would otherwise have the right of way.