Dodge County Sheriff’s Investigating String Of Daytime Burglaries

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a string of daytime burglaries. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the reports have been in the northeast potion of the county, in the area of Highway 49 south to Iron Ridge.

“We haven’t been able to determine if they are connected or not but certainly we are assuming that,” the sheriff says, “we’re doing our best to follow up on leads our investigators are doing a great job getting out there are talking to people.”

Schmidt offers these tips, which he refers to as crime prevention through environmental design.

“Making sure your house is free of debris, garbage, make sure your trees and your shrubs are pruned,” he says, “and make sure there are not hiding places.”

Schmidt told us this week on WBEV’s Community Comment that no one knows your house better than you.

“What I often tell people is ‘take a look at your house and if you were going to burglarize your house, how could you defeat the availability of somebody burglarizing your home’,” he says, “If you were looking at the front ‘how would I attack this house? How could I defeat some of that’ could I make sure windows are locked, could I make sure some trees are trimmed down, could I add cameras in a location?”

Burglars are often times looking for a house that is already open so they do not have to break in. Schmidt encourages everyone to simply make sure their doors are locked. And if you have an attached garage with a garage door opener in your vehicle, be sure to lock your car doors as well.