Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputies, Detectives Now Wearing Body Camera’s

12/30/17 – Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the use of body cameras has wide ranging benefits for law enforcement and the citizens they protect. In September, Sheriff Office administrators, deputies, and detectives started using the technology. Schmidt says prior they only had the use of squad car cams. He says while there has been some controversy surrounding the device, in the end it helps residents. Schmidt says the legislature recently passed a law that addresses Fourth Amendment rights while the body camera is recording. He says any individuals involved must authorize release of the video first. If the person does not give authorization, law enforcement cannot release the video. Schmidt says he understands the concerns citizens have with respect to privacy but reiterates that no filmed footage is released without consent by those affected. He says all the video collected is streamed to one place which makes it easy to sort through. Schmidt says squad and body cameras are integrated into one system and allows for deputies to review the tape side by side. Schmidt says the only time body cams are recording is when law enforcement is actively involved in an incident. He says that he has gotten good feedback thus far from his staff since the implementation of the body cameras.