Dodge County Sheriff’s Debate Scheduled Monday Night, Will Be Video Streamed On Daily Dodge

(Dodge County) Political party affiliation may become a topic of contention in the race for Dodge County Sheriff during a series of upcoming debates between the incumbent Dale Schmidt and his opponent Jim Ketchem. Barring a write-in campaign the race will be decided during the partisan primary on August 14. On WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt called into question his opponents political loyalties saying that in a prior conversation, Ketchum had said he would not run for the sheriff position as he is a democrat and Dodge County is mostly Republican. The sheriff also stated that in 2012 his opponent signed a petition to recall Governor Walker over the Act Ten changes in public union bargaining. Schmidt says Ketchem falsified documents when he registered himself as a Republican upon entering the race for Dodge County sheriff.


Ketchem addressed the incumbent’s statements during his time on Community Comment saying his decision to sign the Governor Walker recall petition was not based on party affiliations but in consideration of his family’s needs.  At the time, Ketchem says both he and his wife were union members and they were looking at retirement planning for themselves and college planning for their two daughters.  Ketchem claims that his concern was that Act Ten would have a significant financial impact on his family.


Two debates are scheduled between the candidates with the first debate being Monday (7/30) at 6pm at the Juneau Community Center. The debate is sponsored by the Dodge County Sworn Officer Labor Association of Wisconsin #120.  The second debate, sponsored by the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce, will be Wednesday, August 8th at 7pm at the Beaver Dam Veterans Center.  Tonight’s debate will be aired live on AM1430 WBEV. Both debates will also be audio and video streamed live at