Dodge County Sheriff Urges Safe Driving During Winter Conditions

(Juneau) With the arrival of wintery conditions, Dodge County drivers are urged to be cautious on the roads. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says there is one thing every motorist can do to keep the streets safe: Slow Down. He says speed limits should not be exceeded, exceptionally when there are poor driving conditions and inclement weather.  

Other tips Schmidt is reminding drivers of include allowing enough time to safely arrive at one’s destination, not using cruise control in winter conditions as well as properly clearing windows of snow and ice. He says windows should be kept clean so people can see what is ahead of them while driving. Schmidt says he too often sees vehicles with only a credit card size hole in their window, which he points out is a violation and adds that every window needs to be clear.  

Failure to properly clear your windshield can result in a $175 fine and two demerit points for a first first violation. Subsequent violations can cost someone $213 and another two demerit points. Schmidt says the law also requires motorists to stay 200 feet behind a snowplow.