Dodge County Sheriff Urges Construction Zone Safety

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is reminding motorists to be cautious while driving through construction zones. The sheriff’s comments comes in response to the death of a road maintenance worker was struck by a commercial truck on Highway 151 near Columbus earlier this month.

Schmidt says drivers should not only be on the lookout for barricades or orange barrels but workers as well. He says they have a dangerous job and want to go home to their families each night like everyone else.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said there is added law enforcement presence in construction zones. He says they have implemented daily enforcement prompts in their records management software to make sure they are visiting construction zones.

Schmidt says the only motorists that are permitted to drive through those zones are ones that live or work within the construction area. The sheriff says ‘road closed’ signs mean just that, the road is closed. ‘Road closed to through traffic’ signs mean that only local traffic can use that road.

The sheriff also asks drivers to follow the posted speed limit signs and to avoid distractions such as cellphones or eating.