Dodge County Sheriff Talks Winter Storm

(Juneau) Dodge County authorities are urging the public to stay safe as a winter storm could bring blizzard conditions and freezing temperatures. Snow is expected throughout the area Thursday but Sheriff Dale Schmidt says Friday is when the weather becomes the most challenging.

“And it’s not that its going to snow because the snow is supposed to be about done by then but its going to be windy…very, very windy and all that snow is going to blow around and cause near blizzard like conditions,” says Schmidt. “And that’s when its hard to see, you get a lot more drifting. Power outages…I know is a big concern right now cause these high winds, how much of that ice and snow is going to hang on those powerlines and cause power outages. And very severe cold weather.”

During Wednesday’s appearance on Community Comment, Schmidt said the high winds could make the roadways treacherous to navigate.

“Depending on which way the wind blows the road might be okay going one direction and then you turn…if you’re going down a north, south road and its okay you turn down an east, west road and its just packed with snow because the snow is blowing over the top depending on how well it was treated,” says Schmidt.

“Believe it or not it might be better for the highway department to not treat a road and they understand that because if you get that road wet and you got that snow blowing over it all the time, that wet surface is going to tract and going to hold on to the snow as it blows over and that’s where you get drifting from.”

Schmidt has a few words of warning for those who decide to test the roads tomorrow.

“If your vehicle goes in the ditch and its too dangerous for a tow truck to come pull you out, your car is probably going to stay there till the weather gets better,” says Schmidt. “We just have to make sure we’re safe when we’re pulling these cars out of the ditches.”

Schmidt says there will be extra patrols out and a few shifts will be starting an hour early.