Dodge County Sheriff Talks Impact Of Social Worker In Beaver Dam Tactical Situation

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County sheriff provided more insight into how the county’s Health and Human Services Department aided in a tactical satiation at a Beaver Dam Hotel. A man with a weapon was barricaded in a room at the Holiday Inn Express and was making threats on August 8th.

Officials with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Beaver Dam Police Department conducted a joint operation at the hotel located on Seippel Boulevard. Following negotiations, the individual voluntarily came out and surrendered. Earlier on during negotiations, the decision was made to call a social worker to respond to the scene.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says this was something new for him to ask for. He adds that the goal was to put the human services into the cop.

Schmidt says having the social worker on site provided an opportunity to gather information about the subject’s past, giving insight to their negotiators on how to best proceed. He adds that this is something they will be doing in similar incidents in the future. Schmidt says he has spoken with the health and human services director about doing more of this and offering integrative training between the sheriff’s office and human services.

Schmidt also credited Holiday Inn’s staff. He says they were able to provide maps and layouts of the hotel. He says it was an all-around outstanding performance by everyone involved.

Schmidt also praised Beaver Dam Police Officer Andy Strachota who made (quote) “fantastic initial decisions” to contain the situation until more help could arrive.