Dodge County Sheriff Talks Fatal Vision Program

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has a program called Fatal Vision that teaches young drivers the consequences of getting behind the wheel while impaired. 

“It’s a program that we educate youth on what happens when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle,” says Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt. “We don’t put them behind the wheel of a car, but we have a golf cart which we use, and we put some cones out and we have some fatal vision goggles.”  

Schmidt says he has drivers hit some cones and conduct mock field sobriety tests with the goggles on. The sheriff says it’s a great program. 

“It’s a great program, educational program, especially for those individuals that are just getting their driver’s license,” Schmidt says. “Just trying to one more time stress how important it is to not get behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired.” 

Schmidt adds that the goggles are not very fun to wear or move around in, but they do the job in getting the point across.