Dodge County Sheriff Talks Crime Grant

9/4/17 – Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is encouraging non-profits and law enforcement agencies to apply for a new grant. The Dodge County Crime Prevention Funding Board is accepting applications through mid-month. As part of the most recent state budget, Wisconsin counties are able to designate a portion of the funds that their circuit court collects for crime prevention programs. The grant dollars are the result of action by the Dodge County Board in 2015. Schmidt says the county treasurer, through the clerk of courts’ office, has been collecting $20 from each felony and misdemeanor case. Schmidt told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that this has been the first opportunity that the board has had to distribute funds. He says they have spent the past couple years putting together bylaws, policies and application criteria. A seven-member board chooses how to disburse the dollars. The Crime Prevention Funding Board is chaired by Sheriff Dale Schmidt and includes District Attorney Kurt Klomberg, County Administrator Jim Mielke, Juneau Police Chief Dave Beal, Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen and attorneys Gene Kirschbaum and Jacquelyn Wolter. The grant, for up to $6000, is for private nonprofit organizations in Dodge County whose primary purpose is preventing crime, providing a funding source for crime prevention programs, encouraging the public to report crime, or assisting law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of criminal offenders. Schmidt says the grant can also be used by a law enforcement agency in the county that has a crime prevention fund. The deadline to apply is September 15 and the application must be submitted via email to Sheriff Schmidt.