Dodge County Sheriff Talks Office’s 2022 Accomplishments

(Dodge County) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt highlighted individual growth as one of several accomplishments the sheriff’s office saw in 2022. Schmidt says this really shows when deputies are at scenes and making decisions as if he or a member of the command staff are already on scene, looking at the big picture. 

During a recent community comment, the sheriff also spoke to the departments goal of recruitment and retention of staff. He called it a team effort. Schmidt adds that with the shortages the department had been seeing, it proved that everyone could pull together, with many within the sheriff’s office actively recruiting friends and family to come work for the department. Something he calls a big positive. 

Schmidt also praised the departments steadfast dedication citing both the quick resolution to a bank robbery case from early in the year and the closing of the Baby Theresa case. The sheriff notes that in the case of Baby Theresa, they did not know what the resolution would be for 13 years. Through the hard work of Detective, soon to be Sergeant, Vickie Brugger and the Dodge County Medical Examiners Office, they were able to find a conviction for the individual responsible. Bringing peace of mind, and closure to the families involved. 

Karin Luttinen of Milwaukee was convicted of a felony charge of Concealing the Death of a Child and was sentenced to six months in jail this past September.