Dodge County Sheriff Witnesses Young Girl Vandalize Christmas Display At Swan Park

(Beaver Dam) A young local citizen was surprised to find out that the Dodge County Sheriff was a firsthand witness to her vandalizing the Beaver Dam Rotary’s Christmas display at Swan City Park. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says he was at the park the evening of January 2nd turning Christmas lights off when he observed a 12-year-old girl, who was with some of her friends, begin to stomp on one of the Christmas Tree donor signs. Schmidt says he talked with the girl and she was as dumbfounded as he was when she found out who she was talking with. He says he witnessed a transformation take place right in front of him, as the girl when from not caring to understanding what she did impacted other people.

Schmidt says there were no arrests made or citations written but he did offer her a way to make up for her actions. He says he gave her the option to donate to the Christmas display at Swan Park to help pay for the damages she caused which she did.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said no tears were shed. He says he was gracious with her but could tell the girl was impacted by their contact, as was her friends.   

While no identifying information was discussed, Schmidt was willing to reveal whose donor sign was vandalized. He says the Beaver Dam Noon Kiwanis Club sign was damaged and that there was no connection between the victimizer and the victimized.

Schmidt says the 12-year-old was not able to give an explanation as to why she did it. He says the sign was salvageable but the stakes used to hold it up needed replacing.