Dodge County Sheriff Stresses Importance Of Remaining Calm, Positive During COVID-19 Outbreak

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says his office remains here to serve and protect during the coronavirus pandemic. In his most recent monthly column, Dale Schmidt says while they have made some changes in how they do business to ensure their staff can be safe and healthy, they will not neglect their responsibilities to the community. Schmidt says he has also been keeping an eye on conversations, social media posts and reactions to media reports and various governmental orders and has seen increased frustration with the drastic changes we have all been forced to make because of this virus. He says as this continues, everyone must be mindful of how important it is to remain calm, positive and manage it all one day at a time. The sheriff department is encouraging citizens to take proper precautions in keeping people healthy and safe. Outside of washing hands and social distancing, they recommend locking homes, businesses, cars and garages. Immediately reporting suspicious activity as well as look out for neighbors and assist them as needed. Schmidt also recommends going for a walk, calling a friend or family member to chat or just getting some fresh air to help cope with any added stress this situation causes. He adds that by working together, we will all get through this and be a stronger community as a result and Dodge County will continue to be an excellent place to live, work and visit.