Dodge County Sheriff Standing By Posting Of OWI Mugshots On Facebook

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is not budging on his controversial plan to post the mug shots of OWI offenders on Facebook. “We are just making it public, a little more in your face, to try to get people to say ‘I am not going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle,” he says, “and for people who say it’s not working, well, you’re not talking to the people that I am talking to because I have had people that I know that have said ‘I decided not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle because I don’t want my face on Facebook.’ That is a win to me.” Schmidt told us Wednesday on WBEV’s Community Comment there is no way of telling how many traffic accidents have been reduced with the tactic. “I stand by it,” he says. The decision garnered statewide attention. Posting of the pictures began in late August.