Dodge County Sheriff: Spillman Launch Went Smoothly

12/22/17 – Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the launch of the new countywide records management system has gone very well. Spillman went live on December 11, linking 18 local municipal law enforcement agencies together. Schmidt told us this week on WBEV’s Community Comment that there is some frustrations from the staff as it relates to learning a new system but the program itself is operating as it should. He says staff was asked about issues and at first it was like “crickets” and after a while the only issues that were brought up were minor. Among other things, Spillman is used in squad cars for background checks, writing citations and GPS. Back in the office, it’s an administrative tool for not only patrol but also the jail system and dispatch. It replaces New World, a $530-thousand-dollar system the county board approved in September of 2012. New World went live in January of 2014 and was plagued with issues since its launch. In November of 2015, the Dodge County Board approved the purchase of Spillman for $1.1-million dollars. Schmidt says he was on hand for the launch of both systems and some of the same issues occurred with both transitions, as far as training, getting used to the system and understanding the basic functionality. However, he says there was a huge difference with the implementation. The old system repeatedly crashed; locations from previous transports were non-recoverable by dispatch; the system locked dispatchers out during records checks; and system reboots were needed sometimes during major domestic incidents involving guns and other weapons. He says Spillman did not have the major technical problems that the department experienced with New World. Spillman went live at 10am and Schmidt says they had most of the kinks worked out by 1am.