Dodge County Sheriff Says Stay On The Phone If You Accidentally Call 9-1-1

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says accidental 911 calls are a daily occurrence. Most cellphones offer an emergency call feature that will connect to local law enforcement without having to enter a pin or lock pattern to do so. Sometimes, the feature can be activated by mistake without the user even knowing it. Schmidt says the worst thing a person can do if they call accidentally call 911 is hang up because doing so creates suspicion.

Schmidt says a deputy will still be dispatched if a person hangs up after calling 911 by accident. He notes that most 911 hang ups that he has responded to have been domestic violence situations. Schmidt says authorities do not know if the caller needed to hang up immediately for their own safety, so staying on the line can clear any confusion and frees up dispatchers from having to call back.

Schmidt says if you can disconnect the call before it is made to do so but if it is ringing or a dispatcher answers do not hang up because your information is already in the 911 system.