Dodge County Sheriff Says Staffing Levels Are Doing ‘Very Well’

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his agency is doing “very well” with current staffing levels. Last year, the sheriff’s office was struggling to fill vacancies due to retention and recruitment challenges. Schmidt says today, they are in a good position.

“A year ago, we were struggling much like the [District Attorneys] Office…we were struggling,” says Schmidt. “I will tell you that we are at about three-percent vacancies at the moment and those are only vacant because we can’t get through the backgrounds quick enough to get these people hired. Because we do have people waiting to get hired.”

Schmidt says the new hires had some high praise during their short time with the sheriff’s office.

“They’re really, really happy…they came in and they’ve been accepted well…very professional organization…positive, they haven’t heard anything negative,” says Schmidt. “And they said other organizations they’ve been a part of, it’s not like that. It is really, really positive in our building.

They’re really enjoying it. Like I said before, the group of people that we’re working with right now, is the best group of teamwork oriented individuals that I’ve ever worked with and it is really cool going to work right now.”

Schmidt says the communications center is completely staffed while there is currently one vacancy in patrol and three at the jail, out of a possible 72 jobs. He says recent promotions will create a few other vacancies.