Dodge County Sheriff Says No Reports Of Violence At School Board Meetings

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says he has received no reports of violence occurring at local school board meetings. In Sheriff Dale Schmidt’s monthly column, he writes that he has had a number of citizens contact him about reports the FBI is coming to investigate school board violence. He says there has been no incidents at school boards within the county that would rise to the level of a state crime, let alone a federal crime. The sheriff notes that rights of parents to express their opinions to their school board members should not be trampled on but those parents must remain lawful while doing so. Schmidt says that he has also been in contact with FBI officials in our region and they recognize that the sheriff’s office and local police agencies are capable of handling issues that may arise without the need for the FBI. Recently, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards penned a letter asking parents for civility when speaking with local school leaders. Also, Schmidt writes in his monthly column that his office will investigate any reported voter fraud to determine if a crime has been committed, noting that residents wanted his stance on the matter. He says, in the past, the department has investigated voter fraud and they will do so into the future, if necessary. The sheriff adds that just because a person saw or heard something on social medial or from a politician, even at the local level, does not make it true. Schmidt says to (quote) “do your research and make your own decisions.”