Dodge County Sheriff Says Meth Is Growing Issue In Region

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says methamphetamine has been a growing issue in the region. Dale Schmidt says when authorities busted Michael Marks, who operated Mark’s Trucking of Beaver Dam, three years ago for distributing meth it stalled the market for the drug locally. But in recent months, Schmidt says there has been an increase of offenses with roughly 13 recent meth cases in Dodge County.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community, Schmidt noted that methamphetamine has different effects than heroin use. He says with a heroin user their body depresses, their eyes drop and their speech becomes sluggish. Meanwhile, methamphetamine acts as a stimulant and can cause people to become aggressive, which Schmidt says is a concern to those in law enforcement. He says those who are a (quote) “tweaking out” generally do not listen to directions and are more likely to fight with authorities.

Schmidt says the drug can quickly destroy a person’s life as they turn to crime in order to pay for their habit. He says getting them help and support is key in beating this addiction.