Dodge County Sheriff Says Countywide Records System Launch On Time

11/24/17 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office transition to a new countywide records management system is set to launch in two weeks’ time. Spillman will link 17 local municipal law enforcement agencies together and is replacing the problematic New World which was launched three years ago. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says everything is on schedule and training is all but finished. He says he anticipates there being some issues to deal with after “go live” but is excited to move from the frustrating New World system. Schmidt explains how the “go live” process works when he was our guest recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says New World will be shut down but officers will still have access to its files and they will be able to finish any reports that were started under the previous program. Once Spillman is up every call, all squad cars, and all information that was loaded into New World will be entered into the new system. He adds that trying to run two separate systems at the same time would be too difficult. Schmidt says Spillman will serve as the brain of operations for the county. He says it will be much easy to share information between departments and search other Spillman databases throughout the state. Schmidt says they have set up a help desk at the Sheriff’s Office to assist local law enforcement during the transition. Spillman is scheduled to launch December 11.