Dodge County Sheriff Says Avoid Onlooking

(Dodge County) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt warns that onlookers can cause additional complications for authorities and first responders. Schmidt says that there are various degrees of onlooking, from simply driving by multiple times to see what is going on, to those who physically pull over to get out of their vehicles to watch first responders in action. The sheriff asks that instead, if you must look at what is going on, that motorist take no more than a quick glance and move on, adding that it is important that you are observant and paying attention to the road as you navigate around emergency scenes. In the past couple weeks, Schmidt notes, he has been at scenes in which many onlookers encroached on the incident. He says this not only has the potential to create challenges for responders but can risk contaminating a crime scene without the onlooker even knowing it. Onlookers could also put themselves in a position to view victims, which first responders do their best to respectfully protect their identity and dignity. For everyone’s safety, the integrity of the investigation, and sheer respect for those involved, Schmidt asks that everyone drive safe, and avoid being an onlooker.