Dodge County Sheriff Reporting Increase In ATV Crashes

(Juneau) As more community’s pass laws permitting ATV’s on public streets, the Dodge County sheriff is signaling caution, noting an increase in crashes and injuries. Waupun and Juneau are among the local cities that have adopted ordinances allowing ATV and UTV vehicles on their streets. Beaver Dam is discussing the possibility.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says over the last year, the county has had a record number of all-terrain vehicle crashes with most occurring outside of designated areas. He says when a township passes a law allow ATV’s and UTV’s, those locations are studied to make sure they are safe to do so. Schmidt says some ATV’s are not designed to be driven on roads and do not have proper safety features such as brake lights and headlights.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said his office has also seen a jump in complaints. He says those are being irresponsible are ruing it for those are following the law. Schmidt says some of the more common complaints include noise issues, ATV’s driving where they are not allowed and passengers who are not permitted to be on the vehicle. He says this year has been concerning and municipalities need to do their homework before they adopt anything.