Dodge County Sheriff Recognizes Work Of Crash Investigation Team

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says the departments crash investigation team continues to do excellent work despite some recent turnover and retirements. Dale Schmidt says simplifying the procedures during crash investigations has helped. He says there are several people on each shift that can respond and if no one is working when an accident occurs, someone will be called in to investigation. Schmidt says the addition of a drone that takes top-down photos of the scene has made the team’s response albeit not easier, has made it much quicker. The only issues that arise using the drone is when there is inclement weather. He says the drive has saved the team countless hours in reconstructing the crash scene. Schmidt says the data collected by the drone is passed along to Sergeant Dennis Walston and his team who then piece together what exactly happened. He says they determine if there needs to be any charges pressed against those involved. Schmidt says the hope is their services are never utilized but realize that their expertise is needed. He encourages motorists to drive safely so the team does not have to investigate another serious crash.