Dodge County Sheriff Praises FBI

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Sheriff shed some light on the involvement from a federal agency during detonation and controlled burn of volatile homemade chemicals found in Village Glen Building 109. Dale Schmidt lauded the support provided by the FBI and their bomb technicians. He says their knowledge was impressive and the FBI never tried to overtake command from local officials. Schmidt says he has had prior workings with the FBI but never on a case as big as the Village Glen explosion. He says the throughout the entire 11-day ordeal each decision was made unanimously and after thorough discussion. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Comment, Schmidt says a silver lining from the horrific incident was the compassion showed by the FBI following the successful removal of personal belongings from building 109. Schmidt says the FBI and their bomb technicians fully supported the operation. Schmidt says in the coming weeks he plans to sit down with his staff to discuss takeaways from the incident.